Monday, September 25, 2017

A long journey to Latvia

Hello! My name is Khalid and I come from Muqdisho, Somalia. I left my country because of a civil war and the past twelve years I lived many countries in Europe, now I live in Italy and I'm a student.

This is me...Khalid
One day my teacher asked me if I'm interested to participate a social programme volunteering, European Voluntary Service. I didn't know much about it but later I accepted it because personally I love integration and other cultures. And this is why now I am here in Liepaja, Latvia.
We are repairing the bicycles, rearranging the workshop for bicycles. We went to present the freakbikes in another village, far away. We drove like 4 hours one way. There was a school and children and I liked it. I liked to be there and speak and give the bicycles to those children to ride.

me, while learning how to fix bikes

Now this week we are repairing the windows in the hosting organisations' house we live in. So I learn to use different tools. I like when I see that I can do something, that something becomes better than it was.

I like it here in Latvia. There is no summer, it is cold. But the people are very good, social, they communicate. They speak English, almost everyone, they help. I see Latvian people give a lot of freedom to their children. In Somalia it is not like this. In Somalia children are not free. They sit all the day at home, because parents are too much afraid that some accident can happen and then if you have to take someone to the hospital, it costs a lot of money. That's why children are not allowed to play, to go to the sea, because people are afraid of hospitals.

"I 💟 Liepaja"
Here in Latvia I was first time in my life in the forest. I had seen it only in movies before. We pick up mushrooms. I don’t eat mushrooms. In my country we don't eat mushrooms. But I liked a forest. It was very good idea. I would be afraid to go there alone, but with other people, other volunteers, it was good.
I also like here because I am all the time with other people. Sometimes I miss my Italian friends, but I am here with other people and I feel good. I don't like to be alone.

My mentor and me, at the beach
For me and other volunteers I see that EVS is a good way to get socialised, to get to know different people from different cultures. You communicate a lot. For me people are the most important and here I feel them, I am with them and it is a big value for me. People are good. And I wish for everyone to be a good person. Only good can change the world.

Khalid, Liepaja (Latvia)

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