Monday, September 12, 2016

My short-term EVS in Lefkada.

Welcome in Lefkada, the island of beautiful white beaches, colourful houses and friendly people.

My first activity as a volunteer in Lefkada was to take part in the International Video Festival.
This festival promoted the value of active citizenship and active participation. This was a very interesting topic, after seeing the video, we had an open forum about the meaning of active citizenship.

And after that I started working at summer school.
Everyday we went to the school to show to the childreen how to create games with reclyed materials. 
The workshops goal was to promote RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle) and, for sure, to have fun!

We used plastic bottle to create nest for birds, plastic cups to made dream-catcher, paper for origami.
But the activity the kids loved the most was to paint the rocks, they were free to release their creative energy!
But, after two weeks, the summer school is finished. And you know, even when the summer school came to an end there is a party!
So, we celebrate with a theatrical show!
We prepare the prop: trees, fire, smoke, river and wings for fairy, mask for the actors.

The children of summer school teach us that we have to protect our environment for having a better future.
My short term EVS is not over yet. So, see you next time for other news.


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