Friday, September 23, 2016

Butterflies on the move

We are Amadou & Khalifa, we are going to Tartu in Estonia for EVS short term project and in this blog we will try to post our experiences :) :)

We started our week by getting to know each other also about our expectations from this project.

Meet other EVS volunteers & we went to explore the Tartu city centre.

 We went to hiking in local mountain

And we finally meet the children of Kambjia youth centre and they taught us a new card game but we lost :D :D :D

But I won against the boys in snooker :)

I painted the spirit of the Bangladesh 'Shahed Minar' (martyr monument)

Amadou painted the spirit of Senegal 'Miracle of Chiekhe Ahmed Bamba' on the wall of our volunteers house

In the second week we had a dance session with some girls of Kambjia youth centre.

We also had a drawing session with the kids of Kambjia youth centre, they love all the animation movie characters & they are really brilliant at drawing.

We also wentto stay in the forest for one night
While going to the forestwe crossed a's name Bog-pool lake

This is the place we stayed for the night, we cooked there also

It was a great experience...loved every moments.

Xam naa boo beneyii yone
Abar dekha hobe

Amadou & Khalifa

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