Monday, August 1, 2016

Workshops about RRR

We have been promoting the RRR (recycle, reduce, reuse) in 2 centers - Centro TAU and San Giovanni Apostolo.

All 15 participants have been really active. They had the opportunity to play “race game” where they had to sort the trash correctly and put the waste in the right bins like “glass”, “paper”, “plastic”, “non-recyclable”. I think that they did it really well and they knew quite well how to recycle.

After this, we did a little quiz where they have to find the correct definition of the RRR, and then find which activities are suitable to RRR (for example “to compost organic food” is recycling or “use plastic bottles several times” is reducing).

Finally, we show them all the different tips and tricks about the environment and did some T-shirt bags! Here is the tutorial how to do this!

It seems that all the participants enjoyed the workshops and they were surprised to know all these facts. We didn’t reach as many people as we hoped, but maybe the people we saw will make a big change! And the last golden words from Michael Jackson:

"Heal the world,
Make it a better place,
For you and for me,
And the entire human race."

Marilin and Zaynab

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