Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today we have a very special post to bring to you. Namely, we had an amazing opportunity to spend one day with the voluntaries and participants of Mosaicando, in Capaci.

They spread the knowledge and importance of recycling and reusing. To share the ideas with youngsters between ages 12-17 we prepared different games.
Probably the most successful one was “The Garbage race” – two teams had to race to divide different types of garbage into the right containers (plastic, paper, aluminum, indifferent). It turned out to be more challenging than expected and hopefully the right containers will be remembered.
We practiced our reusing skill with turning old -shirts into shopping bags
To finish everything we were sent off with dance and laughter. All of the group decided to give as a personalized performance, and quoting the participants "we are not a dance school, we don't dance good, but each hand every of our move has a meaning". 

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