Friday, July 29, 2016

Local voluntary projects in Natural Reserve

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The feeling of unexpectedness – new situations, new people, new language. The answer should be every day.

We have spent the last month on a little village called Isola delle Femmine in Sicily, near Palermo. Our stay here has been divided into 2 workcamps, and with this post we will be covering the first half of July 2016 and our first European Voluntary Service workcamp.
Our team consisted of 6 volunteers from Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Estonia and Russia, coming every end of Europe. And since the first minute we stepped out of the bus, we fell in love. With the mountains and the sea, the bustling fishermen in the port and children’s laughter.

If I had to explain Isola to you, I would say to imagine your living room. With your friends and family, your pets and music. And now increase the size of your living room to fit the village square. This is the same feeling you get, when in the evening, when it’s finally cooled downed a bit, you step outside in your PJs and join the other villagers for evening chat. So basically everything our home countries were NOT.
Our everyday work took place on the Island, where our tasks included working with the environment and animals – including planting new plants, plant monitoring and supplying water to the ones already growing on the island. Every now and then we also took care for any injured birds.

10 days flew by in the speed of light and before we noticed, it was time to say our goodbyes.
Workcamp is an amazing opportunity for everyone to try something new and grow. The friendships found will last you for a lifetime and value 10 times more than gold.

Kristina & Sónia

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