Friday, August 19, 2016

Giochi, ridi e vivi verde

How did our day start?

Ours started with our first workshop in Mondello beach!

It is easy to forget the most basic skills, like learning. Who would have thought that one day you might have to learn to learn. Thinking about it now, would you prefer to write things down, or listen to a speech. Maybe even learn when doing activities?

This is what our workshops are about. Learning to know yourself, all the way while getting knowledge about the environment around us. There are one million little things each of us can do to help reduce the tons of garbage we produce EVERY day.

Day 1
We gathered around  in Lido Valdesi to start playing  new and different games. Smaller kids got to experience new kind of game- where to put the garbage. They were very into it, so they laughed and were very curious about every detail. And guess what, it wasn't only for the kids!

We spent afternoon in Lido Hello beach having fun while at the same time meeting people all over Italy and sharing simple tips and ideas. How much time do YOU think it takes for a beer bottle to decay? (Helpful hint, take your answer and add couple of zeroes to it).

A normal day in the office

And this was just the beginning! See you in the next workshop!

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