Friday, August 19, 2016

Volunteering in Natural Reserve

First volunteering experience of two dudes one from Portugal and the other from Turkey in Italy. We have been volunteers for ten great days that we didn’t even realize how its passed. Our environmental activity was mainly in Natural Reserve Isola delle Femmine just half an hour from Palermo with bus.

Isola used to be watching tower for pirates at the same time with Cesar and maybe older. But now we are trying to make habitat on this Island with wild fig trees, palms, bushes and other native species from Sicily and trying to reserve the nature for local and migrant birds. At the same time we are supporting the life of species permanently whose live in Island eg. bees.

This is Airbee’n’bee J from Italian students who are helping in Natural Reserve

Our main task is planting several trees and watering the ones which has been already planted, making the protecting nets ready for the next plants. Almost fifteen trees we are planting everyday and watering almost twenty trees.
Isola was open to public 10 years ago and we still collecting trashes from those days. And with the sea more garbage arrives everyday. It seems a impossible task to keep the island clean because there are local problems with garbage that is being accumulated everywhere, in the streets, beach, sea, for years. According to Vincenzo who works there for 18 years  “ Work is never finished in Isola”.

Filling “il bidone” with Isola delle Femmine water.And organization’s monster Panda is helping us J

During the afternoon we are enjoying the sea, sun and the beach and during the evening the perfect sunset.

We all cook together especially pasta and everynight after dinner we have cinema section that we proudly build on the backyard. Called “Il Nuovo, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”.

At the end we would like to say Thank you to Vincenzo, Salvo and Rosa for all the support, and to InformaGiovani and long term volunteers for all the support in Palermo. Finally we want to thank to our local sending organizations, GENCTUR in Turkey, and Casa da Juventude de Amarante in Portugal for the opportunity.

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