Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ciao, let's introduce us!

Hi everyone!

This blog is talking about story of four girls around the world who are ready to live and discover the real life of Palermo!

But first, let us take a selfie!

To meet us, the 4 EVS volunteers, keep reading...

Marilin - I can say that I’m a regular Estonian woman. You don’t know how Estonian woman looks like? I can tell you! Strong, hard-working and sometimes even really crazy. So hello (:

Sonia - I’m a dreamer, who loves travel around the world and learn new experiences. Portuguese, from Porto, I must say that Italy has always been my dream country.

Kristina - typical restless university student, grabbing every opportunity to travel and try something new. It could be a side-effect from growing up in such a small country, but new day, new city is the life for me.  

Zaynab - After I’ve made a civic service in France in the association Concordia. I’ve met a lot of international people so it made me want to have an experience abroad and now I’m here for one month!

Here we go! Stay tuned! 

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