Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A day at Geraci Siculo!

What is workcamp?

Voluntary workcamp is for everyone who is between 15-99 years old. You have an opportunity to have an extraordinary international experience. In the workcamp you can practice your english. Also you can learn about different cultures, to live in different environment, help the community and find friends all over the world! Participating in the workcamp is super good opportunity to have an active vacation and gain some unforgettable memories.

There are a lot of different job opportunities - physical work in the open air, working with children, assist at the festivals and so on. Working length is usually 5-7 hours, but it depends on the camp. After work you have free time, so you can discover the country and

Camps are all around the world! If you’re not ready to go abroad, you can check it if there is a workcamp in your country!

What they did in the workcamp?

The workcamp took place at Geraci Siculo. It’s a small town located on a top of a mountain with beautiful views and peaceful surroundings. Volunteers worked to clean and maintain of public areas, streets and help in the renovation of fences.

What we did in the workcamp?

We went to do some workshops about the environment with the children of the village. With two teams they had to put the different wastes in each bin like plastic, paper, metal, glass and general, this game has introduced the first step to recycle!

After this we show them some tips about the three R of recycling: “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse”.

The night was the big night with an international meal! Every volunteer who was there has made a speciality of his country. The local people were invited and they give us almost one hundred cannoli!

We had so much fun with all the nice people over there! Thank you for making food for us (:

Marilin and Zaynab

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